Stephen Hook

Steve Hook bought his franchise in 2010 he covers the North Somerset area.

Franchised Company UK
What were your first impressions of Greensleeves?

Very good. I spoke to several other lawn care franchises, Greensleeves gave me by far the best impression. I went to see David & Phil for supposedly 2 hours which turned into 4 hours plus. I knew within a few minutes that I could work with them. Professional, open & responsive.

How did you manage to grow your business so quickly?

The main area of growth in year 1 came from canvassing, approximately 50% of customers came this way. I made sure that all my friends knew what I was doing. I gave my customers good service, called in unplanned on problem lawns, made a fuss of them. I tried to maximise income by ensuring as many people as possible had scarification and/or aeration, 65% of customers had at least one, as a result lawns improved quickly.

Where do you want to take your franchise and what are your plans and hopes for the future?

My first target is to get to 750 customers, employing 1 full time person and me. I currently have 480 customers and employ a person 3 days a week. After this I will review, but my general aim is to increase and employ more people.

How has becoming a Greensleeves franchisee changed your life for the better – both from a business and a personal perspective?

I had been looking for an opportunity to set up a business for a while, this fitted my experience pretty well, I have a degree in agriculture, 20 years plus experience in sales & marketing, project management experience, experience of mangeing a department of several people involving budget planning etc. I was bored in my last job, now I am much happier. I get out of it what I put in, selling a service people want and are very happy with in general.

What is your favorite thing about running a franchise?

It’s down to me; I decide what is going to happen and I am able to take long term decisions. I also receive great support from HQ to bounce ideas off.

Any final closing comments?

It is the best thing I ever did! It’s not bad when the last thing you have to do before you go to work is put on the factor 30 suncream!! It’s a challenge and I am enjoying every minute.