David Mason

David Mason has run the Greensleeves North Lincolnshire franchise since 2011.

Lawncare Franchisee
What did you do before taking on the franchise?

I worked for 12 years for an Entertainment wholesaler and distributer, B2B, selling DVD games and music, both to buy and to rent – I ran the field sales teams, telesales team and national account team at different times, ending my time there as Head of National Accounts, running the team, and launching a new concept into Ireland and building a team there too. This was a full on new business and account management role, in a tough mature/declining market, selling to the convenience grocery and forecourt markets.

What is your background?

20 years of sales, sales team and account management, following on from an earlier career with Waitrose, after college where I studied business and finance.

Can you tell me a bit about choosing to take redundancy and how this led to the Greensleeves franchise opportunity?

I actually took voluntary redundancy in Dec 2009. We were, following the financial crisis all asked to reapply for our roles. We were also given the opportunity to apply for voluntary redundancy. Whilst I was confident that I would be given a role following the re-structure, I thought it was an ideal opportunity to look at other avenues, as in truth I could not picture another 20 years working in the banking industry.

Where did you first hear about Greensleeves?

Through a colleague who had worked for me for 9 years and was looking to buy a franchise with her husband with them!

What made you choose Greensleeves as the franchise for you?

The key was when I looked into the type of business I wanted to build, lawn care and Greensleeves stood out. The key points required of any business I invested in, were a growth market, a regular and growing local customer base, with a regular invoice value, a sustainable expanding business that will also become an asset. Strong core business values and ethics and a straight forward attitude to the business and its franchisees. I believe I found this with Greensleeves.

Did you consider any other franchises?

Yes, but none, once I met with them, could demonstrate all the key points I was looking for.

What made you want to own a franchise?

The challenges, right from the concept, strategy and planning, business growth, through to the day to day running of it, dealing customers staff and the challenge that come with a busy successful business. It appeals to my sense of achievment, ambition and fun!

What do you like about running your own business?

Flexibility and not having to constantly answer to someone else!

What age are you? Do you have a family? Will they be getting involved in the franchise?

46, I’m married with a daughter of 11. My wife is a Manager for Waitrose and loves her career. She is keen to keep me on track to deliver a John Lewis level of customer service!! Ultimately who knows, but there are no plans currently.

What have your first experiences been like?

Excellent. The initial support and training were excellent and the ongoing support is there for you, but not invasive. In particular David Truby and Phil Paddock, have been great and are, just as they appear to be, passionate and professional, with a desire to help you build the business and brand. We have, after 4 years, just under 900 customers and growing.

What is your anticipated turnover for the year?


Where do you see yourself in 3 years?

Continuing the growth to date! With an additional vehicle and more staff, delivering great lawn care locally.

Feel free to add anything else you feel is relevant and likewise if you do not want to answer any of the questions that is fine.

I chose to move into running my own business, leaving a well paid job, with good career prospects, with offers to join other organizations in the sector.

However I had the passion and self-belief that I could make my own business work. I have high hopes and expectations, but strive to make them successful. A franchise is a great way to do that, but you get out what you put in.

It is key to have a plan and work with it, striving in both short, medium and long term goals. This business works well, but planning, marketing, and people skills are all required to drive it to maximize its opportunity.